GCRG – Quad Nations!

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GCRG - Quad Nations!

A few of the GCRG men on tour in Swansea at Quad Nations! A battle of Britain that saw the Northern Fights take on the Belfast Banshees, Severn Roller Torrent and our hosts, the Swansea City Slayers! Stay tuned to the blog for a full report on the tournament!



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A fan-testicle weekend of derby related fun. A full on spectacle of awesomeness. Bout report to follow, hopefully later on this week!

Another day…another fiasco!!

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Oh hey there Tuesday! You absolute dick! Day starts off well (hell I even managed to get out of my bed with minimal fuss) but then as soon as I arrive at college, it all goes to pot! Laptop dies, timetable changes without anyone even realising it and I now have to completely change allllll my plans for my graded unit.

It’s official. Tuesday is now considered the new Monday! And I hate it just as much!

On a happier note, I get to go watch all the skating funsies tonight and have scrambled eggs for tea with the wife. Every cloud…


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After announcing my first ever bout with the Granite City Roller Girls on March 30th, I was asked to do a little report on the days events. Here is the end result…

The beginning…

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Here it is folks. After years of me posting all my random thoughts, rants and opinions on social network sights, I have finally decided to create my own online blog.

Here you will find all of my non-sensical chatter about anything from work to college to wrestling and everything in between!

If you don’t like anything that I post, feel free to either drop me a line and let me know…or just stop reading and go away! I am happy with both!


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